1. Anonymous says

    Wow wow, what on earth i got excited by a man with a vagina, the drawing was amazing that vagina was something to behold. The penis as well and then that whole mess this is fucking hot

  2. Anonymous says

    this is so fucking HOT! I read this every single night and still can’t get tired of it… but i wanted to see pregnant kotetsuuu…
    eeeh, never mind even without a baby it’s still fucking AWESOME! ^3^ can’t wait for moreeeee :)

  3. Anonymous says

    This is still the greatest T&B doujin of all time. I just hope the rest of the anthology it came from also gets translated.

  4. Shinashi says

    I came here for the great art and Barnaby and Koutetsu because I knew it would be good. And then it turned out to be pretty unique and pretty fucking great.

  5. Asuka-chan says

    Oh, god! This got me right in my bisexuality! I love it! By the way, male futanaris are pretty rare, so I appreciate this.

  6. rasii fanon says

    I’m laughing like a crazy! By reading all this I’m starting to understand that yaoi is another world….Это что то…Блииин, мангака реально что то курит! Лишь бы не те заросли у Барнаби

  7. someone says

    wow this was weird I cant say it was hot because i’m not into girls….i really dont know what to say about this clip…its kind of off putting….actually its pretty uncomferatble while katetsu has a virgina……that part gave me the creeps but i guess his pleasurable face makes up for it….still kind of wired though…XD hop i dont run into other djs like this one

  8. Gaijin Fujoshi says

    Barnaby and kotetsu akambo?? Hmm not bad..
    Actually i really want to see the baby!! >//<
    But maybe i need to wait 9 months huh? LOL

  9. Omg wtf guys says

    Seriously, shut up, you guys get mad when people shit on your yaoi, so don’t shit on this too. You should’ve known what was coming by not only reading the tags, but at the beginning he said he’d lost his dick.

    • SlyBlue says

      Omg wtf guys; you`re so right, come on pleople stop whining, even though this is something unusual you dont have to be so stiff about it

  10. b says

    this would be the first and only time i’ve ever seen a male futanari, if that even is the right word…
    NOT BAD especially if it’s drawn by Unky I guess?

      • Tyz says

        I expected yaoi then it turned out to be a gender bender? I read the start with him saying “my dicks gone” but I was like, okay he’s just dickless like that cos it’s manga and anything can happen but then this?! Eww

      • Tyz says

        It’s not that I take yaoi seriously like you say. I came here to read yaoi not gender bender porn. If I wanted to read porn I would’ve searched porn instead! This shit is disgusting!

        • Gaijin Fujoshi says

          Then don’t read it in the first place. U knw he’s saying his dick is gone at first and u still keep reading. Then it’s your fault. Appreciate the author for making this, not call it disgusting. Don’t like? Don’t read. Like u can make any better

        • Gaijin Fujoshi says

          Seriously i get annoyed with people like u. Yeah technically this is still BL coz he’s still a man without his dick. So this is not genderbender at all. Read the tag first MORON! Just shut up your shit and use ur fucking brain YOU FUCKING ANON

    • birdie says

      Shut up, if you didn’t want to read stuff like this then maybe you should have taken the time to read the tags, Dumass.

  11. T^T says

    I never get tired of reading this,, I just love it and it’s so hot (; ̄Q ̄)
    Dat future baby doe,, ❤️

  12. Lavonya says

    I wish there was a sequel where he is pregnant and they have to figure out what to do and how to deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says

    Well that was new.. I enjoyed it though..
    If a woman with a penis is called a futanari.. What would a man with a vagina be called, I wonder?

  14. Anonymous says

    @mrsklemzak I don’t think Kotetsu is surprised that a clitoris can be played with but more of the fact that Bunny is playing with HIS (like he’s surprised Bunny would be interested in / could bring himself to lick Kotetsu when he has female genitalia.)

    • mrsklemzak says

      That could be a theory.

      I love Barnaby’s response when he first finds out.

      “I still love you with all my heart”

  15. mrsklemzak says

    This is hot!! More guys need to do that. Look how wolffish and eager Barnaby is!

    I do find it interesting that Kotetsu finds it surprising that the clitoris can be played with. He had a wife for several years. Didn’t he ever play with Tomoes clit?

    Anyway, this is the hottest DJ so far and I intend to keep coming back to it. :)

  16. Anonymous says

    Comes here to see gay porn, ends up jacking off to straight(?) sex…. wow, the power of mangakas O.O


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