[Sushipuri (Kanbe Chuji)] – NTR ~ Kawaigatte ita Kouhai ga Itsunomanika [Eng]

Doujinshi: NTR ~ Kawaigatte ita Kouhai ga Itsunomanika

Author: Sushipuri (Kanbe Chuji)

Language: English

  • http://agentbored.tumblr.com/ Bob Cee

    the start annoyed me when he kept saying he wasn’t cheating on his boyfriend because there’s a condom -.-
    this is how relationships go downhill peepol

    • aki

      you know, seiji’s not the sharpest tool in the shed… and he’s still in middle school

  • Anonymous

    So fuqin hot

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  • Anonymous

    i usually don’t mind NTR but… Katsurooooo T__T the purikura at the end broke my heart. He’s so tall though, I never though he’d have a small dick haha

  • Kinnosuke

    that ending
    was perfect lol

  • suyi


  • I

    Finally english

  • Anonymous

    It’s so sad though….yet still hot…but still…just because Captain’s dick was small…damn, it feels weird saying that…

    • natsume142

      Lol, funny how you say that.. Poor captain, if only you have bigger dick..

  • trippy

    fuck i wish there was a continuation of this one about his bf

  • Sir Handsome

    sorry. i’m not a phedophil :)

  • KusamaRicchan

    this is a good manga to fap with actually.. xD If I do say so myself >w>

  • Anonymous

    WOW now this is a hot series just after seeing the first 10 pages make you just wanner CUM so hard Love the drawing and not showing the old man’s face make it more mysterious LOVED EVERY PAGE