[Rioka Masaki] Hot Summer! – Bleach DJ [English]

Doujinshi: Hot Summer!

Author: Rioka Masaki

Language: English

  • Shiina-Chan

    Omg its summer todayand it makes it even hotter

  • Mira

    Omg loved it but couldn’t tell who is who near the end

    • Kiyomi-chan

      Kon – Left, Ichigo – Right <3

  • Anonymous

    Drooling O/////O

  • Anonymous

    I was expected one of them getting heat stroke… but oh well delicious sex is delicious ♡

    • Anonymous

      This makes me miss summer

      • Anonymous

        I’m feeling summer through them

  • jissy

    love it

  • ridere kimiko

    OMG !!

  • Anonymous

    Wow… so Hot!!

  • kyuu-chan


  • http://fujoshiscreams.tumblr.com heartforthewarth

    please post more of rioka masaki doujinshi!!!