[Biliken (Kyu Shioji)] One Piece dj – Still Waters Run Deep [Eng]


pairing: Doflamingo x Crocodile

Circle: Biliken (Kyu Shioji)

Doflamingo visits Crocodile at Impel Down. First story from dj “Abused Or Dominated”

  • http://agentbored.tumblr.com/ Bob Cee

    huehuehue i loved the ending so so much <33

  • NN

    Magellan actually seemed nice in this dj lol

  • Anonymous

    That was hoooot…. Dofla+Croco!!!
    love the 70’s era graphics on the cover too!

  • Lyn

    Well that was hot ! DoflaCroc… didn’t think of this couple… interesting

  • Axk

    Holy fuck I did not put these together in my mind but they are hot.
    I want some angsty sex next <3 I need to look into them now ~

  • Anonymous

    :'( OMG, can we have more DoCro DJ?? I’m in love with this couple, thank you for sharing