Mentaiko – itai ITAI itai 1 [Eng]

Doujinshi title: itai ITAI itai

Chapter: 1

Author: Mentaiko

Language: English

  • Bob Cee

    fuck there’s blood ; – ; i just. i srsly don’t like it when people don’t lubricate or do foreplay maaan ; – ; even in rape doujins, they don’t bleed but why in dramatic onesssss ; – ;

  • Helios

    Even after all this time I still can’t believe things got so screwed up because of a lie, is that really all it takes to shatter such a good friendship?

    • Deoxys

      Even a little white lie with good intentions can have unintended results but I’m not going to lie the raping and being suspended for almost beating a schoolmate to death did take me off guard but I still wouldn’t go as far to call their friendship shattered because they still love each other… things are just complicated for the most part of the series.

  • AnimeFreak24

    This manga was amazing, i love the art work, i wish the manga artist will continue the story though..

  • RishiToki

    This was one of the first Mentaiko works that I’ve read and I come back to it all the time. I never get tired of it; the amazing art, that twisting heart and gut wrenching plot, with some added humor. Long live Mentaiko

  • estimulante96

    inspirador, la historia es fascinante! pero despues de eso tuvo SIDA no? digo aparte de la sangre todavia eyaculo,es interesante que pongan esto en un manga donde nunca pasan estas cosas,muy cool este y todos sus secuelas,mmmm.

    • Compita

      No tuvo SIDA, sucedió que le hizo un desgarro anal, porque no lo preparó y lo penetró con mucha fuerza. Además nunca se estableció en la historia que alguno de los dos tuviera sida -_-

      Niñas y niños, siempre usen lubricante!

  • Sir Handsome

    This is my first manga to read on this website. Nice !

  • Anonymous

    this is the best yaoi manga i had ever read in my life

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I am so happy because this manga is so awesome the story and the characters, I also thanks to the creator of this manga.