[Mentaiko] Gachinko Battle! [eng]

Title: Gachinko Battle!
Author: Mentaiko  
Language: English  
Japanese version: http://www.myreadingmanga.info/2013/04/mentaiko-gatinko-batile-jp.html
























  • sakdjfsdjfs

    wtf this is the most fucked up thing i have read xd

  • Nai

    I always read this every damn time…. I just really like it. But omg..that dick is like Priaprus’s … It’s scary.

  • pablo

    ilove tradution portugues

  • Loventheyaoi

    I love the imagination just perfect

  • dangit

    is there a yaoi of zeus??

    • anonono


  • rasii fanon

    No comments….

  • mrsklemzak

    Funny! Sexy! Awesomeness! Great way to make some much needed funds, crossover with a special appeaance by Priapus!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely loved it! And Sorry to hear about the mangaka’s house being lost! I’ll make sure to go to the support link at the bottom to help him out. (totally not trying to spread the message here for those who scrolled past it btw) >.> … ……………. <.<

  • King

    Hahaha, makes me laugh every time. I like Priapus too!

  • Anonymous

    im so mad its not called boner battle or battle of boners like cmoooon now

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous