[Mentaiko] Gachinko Battle! | Full of Meat [Eng]

Title: Gachinko Battle! | Full of Meat

Circle: Mentaiko

Language: English

Japanese scan: Gachinko Battle! | Full of Meat [Esp/JP]

  • feb

    Omg theres the guy from itai itai XD

  • Yuri Pistone

    So I was reading the Priapus trilogy, and now that I click on this one, my favourite and perfect god is back~


    OMIGOD i love mentaikos work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! always the best!!!!!!! the sexiest and most fantastic art and stories ive ever read!!!!! mentaiko please make more of your lovely work!!!
    i’d love to see zeus and priapus…..getting paired together…. mating season for the gods :$ ohohoh fufu

  • YASS

    I’d love to see these two again.

  • DonotDonut

    OMFG Words cannot describe how glorious this is.

  • Anony

    Preventing character overlap… Oh man, mentaiko’s brilliant.

  • OMGG


  • <3


  • RishiToki

    GYAH. I absolutely love Mentaiko’s works – yummy bara sometimes shota-ish boys. mmm. And they’re always so nice and fluffy too – not just SEX.

  • Milkicat

    Ok, my question here is, Ryuunosuke, just cum out of the ring and that’s why it doesn’t count or that just wasn’t cum? Hummm I’m clueless ?) Enlighten me please.

    • yumm

      if you look when they came it was a milkier color where as in that panel it was clear/shaded grey.
      when he said “your hitting something strange!” he meant his bladder…
      that wasn’t cum, it was urine.. ^.^”

  • Sweetkiwi

    the blood made my butt hurt T_T
    i mean it was cute, but i couldn’t get too aroused caused my mind went straight into medical mode “oh my god, the blood, the tearing, the colon, the cum!” no taking a dump indeed! he’ll prob need stitches…unless one of the gods “heals” him. (or he likes pain!)
    but still, a great one.

  • Anon

    gosh I love mentaikos drawings! He draws so beautifully!!
    Anyone else think Yamato looks like priapus?

    Aww the ending :) looks like they both get their wish.

    • Name

      That’s why he draw a sun glass and make a personality change on priapus.

  • Ralvuimago

    Glad you like it guys. First time I have ever de-censored anything.

    • nexus

      Decensored Mentaiko….
      Can’t get enough!

    • Taiga

      can you please do more? Q.Q

      • Ralvuimago

        I am tempted to, but it takes soooo much time. I would love to do Creampie next, but that one is quite long and has so much cock, it would take forever.

  • Ummm

    Dont like bara (like really just ugh noo i just go “like why ” everytime)


  • Dickson

    Woah! Uncensored. I wonder if Priapus turned every guy there gay…
    I love the oil effect~! I’d like to read a furry doujin from mentaiko if he ever makes one. That canine looks nice! :3

  • http://ciella-funtom.tumblr.com/ megy_freak

    God traditions people,, let’s celebrate for God traditions

  • bs

    Mentaiko is like some god of bara. I swear I enjoyed every single thing… From the cover where Ryuunosuke was feeling Yamato’s pecs to the last page where Ryuunosuke was feeling Yamato’s pecs… Again.


    • Chic

      Rumor (or may be not) said every story he (yes Mentaiko is a he) made was based on his mood/real life situation at that time.

      • Name

        He does write some of the story based of his life (Hamu and the boy who cried wolf is one of it.)

  • Marc Wilson

    Why did this manga reappear on the list? Not complaining tho cuz Ive been a abig fan of this for a long time. One of the first few things Ive read in this site

    • Anon

      This is de-censored version, you cannot find it elsewhere.

  • Asher-kun

    I totally wasn’t expecting that ending… It was cute, and actually made me cry a bit (cry baby) because it reminded me of my cat Sam. He died January 8th 2014… Rest in peace, we’ll all miss you.

    • Rudi

      I feel sorry for your cat… I actually had a cat named Mari who died a month before yours :c

      • Asher-kun

        Well, I hope Mari rests in peace as well then.

      • JustSaying

        Then you can participate in a Gachinko Battle to revive her 😛

  • stillscaredofthatdicktho

    i’ve honestly never read bara before cuz the dicks are terrifying but this art is incredible – i loved this lol

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    Fun story…love your style…

  • http://cryart.tumblr.com/ 乃工ム 乃口ちち

    Fucking love priapus XD he’s such a dork in this..

    Mentaiko always finds a way to slip in some form of humour cx

  • Akie-sensei

    that kid (the one with the dino-hoodie and who was disqualified because he was too occupied to walk that furry)…it’s the baby at the end of Creampie (another work from mentaiko)!!! no wonder he was strong enough to participate in that tournament!!

    • daleked

      oMG you’re right holy shit he has the Dino hoodie

  • daleked


    OH MENTAIKO!!! your art is sooooo good and I love love LOVEEEEEEE THE WAY YOU DRAW DEM BARA BOYS

    also you draw cats rly well oh mentaiko

  • Saga

    I question the audience more than those two. ( ˙-˙ )…

    • Chic

      Then I supposed all of us are guilty as well. At least they watched live action, while we only read it. *cried in the corner*

      • Sweetkiwi

        And don’t forget the free feel they got at the end, all those greedy hands! ;D

  • I might be in Heaven

    Based Mentaiko! You never disappoint me!!!

  • sakdjfsdjfs

    wtf this is the most fucked up thing i have read xd

    • Chock-chan

      You must be new here

    • Name

      You are new to mentaiko’s bara are you? XD

  • Nai

    I always read this every damn time…. I just really like it. But omg..that dick is like Priaprus’s … It’s scary.

  • pablo

    ilove tradution portugues

  • Loventheyaoi

    I love the imagination just perfect

  • dangit

    is there a yaoi of zeus??

    • anonono


    • mynyas

      Not really. But if you must know he thinks humanity is evil because all he does is watch porn, and so he thinks everything is like porn.

  • rasii fanon

    No comments….

  • mrsklemzak

    Funny! Sexy! Awesomeness! Great way to make some much needed funds, crossover with a special appeaance by Priapus!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely loved it! And Sorry to hear about the mangaka’s house being lost! I’ll make sure to go to the support link at the bottom to help him out. (totally not trying to spread the message here for those who scrolled past it btw) >.> … ……………. <.<

  • King

    Hahaha, makes me laugh every time. I like Priapus too!

  • Anonymous

    im so mad its not called boner battle or battle of boners like cmoooon now

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous