[CROCODILE-Ave.] GHDC BLUE – Gamerz Heaven! DJ [JP]


Chapter: 1

Circle: CRCODILE-Ave. (Gangstar Yoshio)

Language: Japanese

Re-print book, include (translated):

And some extra story.

  • ㄸㄸㄹ

    이거 진짜 번역보고싶다ㅠㅠ

  • seimei

    Thank god there is a rape tag, my all time favorites!

    • seimei

      But i’ll still skin Surge to death for what he’s done to Rush-sama…

  • Anonymous

    Jeez, so why read this in the first place

  • jkcs1611991

    No matter it ia rape or jot, it is a good comic.

  • Anonymous

    Dat little puppy is sexy as always…
    Btw, why is he always raped in most parts, just wondering, no intense…

  • Anonymous

    Well, there are always people who complain about “rape” in mangas. If you don’t want to see “rape” please see “Filed under” on the top of this manga. I’m really sick of the complaints. :(

    • Anonymous

      People dont feel as bad if they state the obvious or pretend they dont like it in the comments, as you said it says at the top of the page what your getting into -__-
      but nonetheless this is why the term ‘in the closet’ exists

    • zal

      that’s soooo what I wanted to say

  • Anonymous

    Ummmmm wow i dont know what to say, but rape is rape :/

  • lililovelilica

    he’s always so sexy