[Junko (clip-clop)] Haikyuu!! DJ – Neko no Henji wa Iesu Janai [Eng]

Title: Neko no Henji wa Iesu Janai

Pairing: Kuro x Kenma

Author: Junko (clip-clop)

Language: English

  • Krolshi

    Gahh ~! Yay another Cx Junko -sensei is so freaking awesome ! Love her works ! ;)

  • Anonymous

    JUNKO SENSEIII!!! I missed her works! I really loved it! *and kuro’s hair was just as awesome!xD hahaha!!

  • kakaka

    Ahh Junko made a doujin of my otp this is great!

  • biblebitch

    this is so cuteeee omg ;-;

  • Rii-kun

    Wooo! I have a new ship to sail! KuroTsuki’s adorable too and of course KageHina <3333

  • Blank

    My mind went blank when I found out it was Junko-sama’s work. My gawd. This ship and Junko-sama… So happy…

  • Lunatic Freak

    ahhhhhh, it’s so cuteee!!!! i can’t help but to save the whole story TvT

  • Kao – chan

    AAAAHHH ! Junko – sama ~~~ !!
    I really love this ~ ~ ~

  • Kawaiidesu

    J-JUNKO-sensei made a H-Haikyu! DJ?!?!?
    KYAAAAA~!! I’m so happy! I love JUNKO’s mangas! Their artwork is so pretty!

  • I’m little sad.

    I like it but… I actually ship Kurotsuki. Aaahh :'( Why Junko? :'(

    • Dae

      You and I are on the same ship then, need doujinshi of them seriously Q.Q

  • Mademoiselle

    Junkoooooooo-sama *w* I love it sooo much (cute cute :D)

  • i like stuff

    This makes me happy 4 some reason, even though it has a sad vibe

  • konafuu


  • kuro-ken

    kyaaaaaa how cute love this <3 ^_^

    • Kenma

      Agree xD