1. Anonymous says

    man it’d be great to see all the HQ characters drawn by Junko-sensei. Her style feels so right with the series.

    ….Junko-sensei please draw Tsukki and Tobio ;v;

  2. i like stuff says

    Holy crap i knew i recognised these 2!!

    I read this waaaaaaaaay before i even new haikyuu existed! Lol


  3. Ritsu says

    Saw the first episode of the anime today! Everyone was so adorable that I just had to see if there was any doujinshi’s, and there are! <3 I love Junko!

    • Haru says

      Also saw the first episode today, have been waiting so long for it now!

      Thou I’ve read this dj before & I got to say I totally love Junko-sensei’s art

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