[Josman] My Wild and Raunchy Son [part 2]

Title: My Wild and Raunchy Son [part 2]

Author: Josman

Language: English

Note: part of HJ Josman 2004” book.

Read: left-to-right


  1. Anonymous says

    Ever since my dad told me about this story he’s been doing the same thing to me, my mum died when I was 4 since then he’s been saying that we should start “playing” together and we would kiss, suck, lick and fuck together that has been happenings for 6 years now every night since I was 10.

  2. Anonymous says

    My son and I have been following these fine art stories for some time now and find that they truly express our feelings for each other. I cannot begin to tell you just how much it means to us that someone else also knows what love and sex between father and son is really all about.
    As a footnote….. both of us have to fuck our brains out every time we read these hot stories.
    Thank you

    • Anonymous says

      I lost my virginity to my father when I was 14, I was very naive when it came to this stuff, so my dad took advantage, and said that the only way I can become a man was to have sex with him, and being the stupid teenager I was, agreed, and he fucked me for hours. My mom was gone for the week, I don’t remember why, and my older brother was at college, and my younger brother was asleep I think. My butt was sore and red, and he told me that I had to have sex with him every time mom was away. So, the next time my mom went away, me and my dad had sex in my room, and my brother, who was 12, heard us, went into my room, saw us having sex and my dad told him the same thing he did to me, the only way to become a man was to have sex with your father, he fell for it too, and next thing I knew, I was being fucked by my dad, while I fucked my brother, we had sex together for hours. Then about a year later, my older brother came home for the summer, he was 20. My mom went away for a weeken I think, and the first thing he did was strip naked, and let my father fun him. Apparently, my father had told him the same thing when he was my age, and fell for it. They have been having sex for years. So we all had a foursome. The sex always felt great, so when my mom and dad got divorced when I was 16, my brother was 14, and my other brother was 21. My dad got custody of us, and with that, we had sex almost every night, and when my older brother was home, he would join. I am now 21, and my older brother is now married, and has a son who just turned two. He had stop having sex with us when he got married, so that just left me, my brother, and my father.

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