itai ITAI ita 3 – by Mentaiko [Eng]

Manga: itai ITAI itai
Author: Mentaiko
Chapter: 3

  • Nai ☁︎

    I’m still waiting…. For a long time now. I read this series first in Fakku… Still no 5?

  • jojimadayag

    FUCK!! whats this feeling im feeling right now!! i dont like seeing taiga and tachikawa getting apart!!! fuck you narumi!!!!

  • Bob Cee

    like one of the anons, i too hold an intense feeling of dislike towards narumi (little kohai) ._. and i do. i still fucking do.

  • ermnng

    This is a great story, can’t wait to see how this all resolves. BTW, I so wanna punch the other teachers in the face

  • Anon

    just fucking go out will ya

  • Anonymous

    Kohai should move on and just love that nakamura guy and happystory

  • Sir Handsome

    owh sadly student 😉

  • Anonymous

    I genuinely didn’t like the little kohai but now I feel really sorry for him

  • Anonymous

    tachikawa shikou is realy handsome and that narumi is realy pissing me off

    • Anonymous

      I agree, he what little sympathy I had for him when he did what he did in the last chapter and now he’s trying to force his feelings on tachikawa. It was just so irritating reading the scenes with him in it.