[Dokudenpa Jushintei (Kobucha Omaso)] T.S.D vol.1 [Eng]

Title: T.S.D

Circle: Dokudenpa Jushintei (Kobucha)

Language: English

Volume 2 @ T.S.D vol.2 [Eng]

  • lol

    Lol this was so fun to read i love it and it ended well!!!!!

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  • Mitsubana

    Gosh, I can’t believe this is the only work this artist has done that’s been translated. A true tragedy! I’m glad they picked this one though. It was so cute! Hooray for consensual sex!

  • aa

    this was so cute hol shitt

  • Anzu

    Feels… but I’m glad there’s a happy ending QwQ

  • bananahead

    I actually cried when his tears fell… so much feels!

    Why does it always have to be that way? When you like someone, they like someone else… makes you think the world’s so unfair.

  • Anonymous

    Please translate T.S.D Vol 2!!!

  • Anonymous

    oh my god so hot 😀 I really love Yaoi Manga like this!

  • Viv

    Wow, I don’t believe my eyes! A yaoi manga without sexual harassment, power abuse, blackmail, taking advantage of people who are too drunk to hold a conversation, doing things to someone’s body that he clearly said he isn’t comfortable with, or any other kind of abuse. And not even any creepy possessiveness or sociopathic stalker behaviour. Just normal gay guys having sexy, consensual fun. It’s like a rare gem. Truly lovely. I hope there will be more from this mangaka.

    That an “exclusive top” would be willing and able to take a giant dick like that without any prep work is a bit hard to believe, though. Methinks he doth protest too much… ^_^

    • you must be fun at parties

      People like you ,who lump in every yaoi with the generic unimpressive mangas you find on the net that no one forced you to read for free, make me sick. You go around preaching how much better you are than those “fujoshi” that gobble up any manga or ship they find and proclaim the validity of its existence in this universe as fundamental while only limiting yourself to rhos kinds of yaoi in the process. Don’t speak as if you’ve seen everything and therefore promote yourself as a viable guide for standard. I wish I can send the vile that you have made my stomach lurch, to you. On another note this is a lovely manga

      • bananahead

        Ahahahaha, *claps*

  • unknowingly

    This is my favorite type !!! The story was soo cute!

  • Anonymous

    Really cute story!

  • King

    Thank you so so much for this! I’ve been wanting to read other Bara posted ages ago, but can’t read them since I haven’t studied Japanese. Thanks, man!

  • zzz87zzz

    Bara genre is my unfavourite type but this work catch up my taste. Favourite one! Thank for great share!