[Gesuido Megane] Batman & Superman DJ – SIT! (Unofficial Fanbook) [Eng]

Doujinshi: SIT!

Paring: Batman x Superman

Circle: Gesuido Megane


  1. says

    that was too hot. the style was just awesome and superman being all shy and cute but work him up and dang roar! And batman being all sneaky and sly and hot! loved it and always need more. Thanks for uploading >_<

  2. I'mAScarf says

    When Bruce said, “You’re hard, like Steel.” I died of laughter. This was sooo good. I wanna see more BxS by Gesuido. ^u^

  3. unknowingly says

    That was the most perfect thing ever !!!!! I should have looked this up sooner !!!! *dies due to how hot this was*


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