[KIMURA Hidesato] Maria Boy (update c.2a-b + Extra) [Eng]


Title: Maria Boy Chapter: 1 Author: KIMURA Hidesato Language: English [Must Be Endless] Index: chapter 1a | chapter 1b | chapter 1c | chapter 1d | chapter 2a | chapter 2b | Extra From Must Be Endless: While holding a deep loneliness in his heart that he refuses to acknowledge, Yoshiki cares for his younger […]

[Tsubaki/ Maeda] Romantic – Kuroko no Basuke dj [Eng]


Title: Romantic Pairing: Murasakibara x Himuro Circle/ artist: Tsubaki/ Maeda Language: English It’s the Cultural Festival at Yosen High School and Himuro’s class is doing a cross-dressing cafe, much to Murasakibara’s surprise.

[Hideyoshico] Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun [Eng]


Title: Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun Kanemochikun to Binboukun Rich Boy and Poor Boy Rich-boy and Poor-boy Chapter: 1 Author/ artist: Hideyoshico Language: English Meiji Haruhito (Kanemochi-kun/the rich boy) just can’t understand Misaki (Binbou-kun/the poor boy), but quickly falls for him anyway. However, Haruhito’s love life is under threat. Not from a cute girl or ex-lover, but from his […]

[TAKARAI Rihito] Ten Count ~ volume 4 (update c.extra) [Eng]

[Canis Major]Ten_Count_Sweet_Volume_1_Cover_p001

Title: Ten Count ~ volume 4 Chapter: 19 Author: TAKARAI Rihito Language: English  Volume 4 Index: chapter 19 | chapter 20 | chapter 20.5 | chapter 21 | chapter 22 | Vol. 04 Extra Volume 1: Ten Count ~ volume 1 Volume 2: Ten Count ~ volume 2 Volume 3: Ten Count ~ volume 3