[Degree (℃)] Haikyuu!! dj – Kozume Kenma-chan Peropero-san Jikan [Eng]


Title: Kozume Kenma-chan Peropero-san Jikan (Kozume Kenma-chan Pervy Time) Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou x Kozume Kenma Circle: Degree (℃) Language: English

Tiger & Bunny dj – Gym Teacher Old Man and Student Council President Bunny in the Gym by a Mob? [Eng]


Title: Gym Teacher Old Man and Student Council President Bunny in the Gym by a Mob? Tiger & Bunny dj – Taiiku Kyoushi na Oji-san to Seito Kaichou na Bunny-chan ga Taiiku Souko de Mob ni?! Pairing: Mob x Barnaby, Mob x Kotetsu, Barnaby + Kotetsu Circle: Gamanjiru-ni-Chinpaipai/ Kan<da>chi Language: English

[KUJOU Aoi] Duetto [Eng]

[KUJOU Aoi] Duetto -001 (3)

Title: Duetto  デュエット Duetto 爱的二重奏 Glasses + He Chapter: 1 Author: KUJOU Aoi Language: English Related: Akai Koi (Spin-Off) College-mates Shinobu Miura and Eiichi Tashiro have more going on between them than classes and studies — close proximity and animal attraction can create strange bed fellows — but they also have little-to-nothing in common. For starters, Shinobu seems […]

[Catcher in the Rye (Kurokawa Juso)] Akunin [Eng/JP]


Title: Akunin  Circle: Catcher in the Rye (Kurokawa Juso) Language: English

[Garakuta (Serizawa Kaname)] Free! dj – 12-gatsu no Iruka [Eng]


Title: 12-gatsu no Iruka Free! dj – 12月のイルカ Free! dj – December Dolphin Free! dj – Juunigatsu no Iruka Pairing: Makoto x Haru Circle: Garakuta/ SERIZAWA Kaname Language: English

[BOX (Tsukumo Gou)] Koushuu Toilet Danshi ~ Hajimete no, Aokan ~ 2 [Eng]


Title: Koushuu Toilet Danshi ~ Hajimete no, Aokan ~ 2 Public Toilet Boys ~ My First Time Was Outdoor Sex ~ 2 Circle: BOX (Tsukumo Gou) Language: English [Hataraki Bachi Translations] Japanese scan @ Koushuu Toilet Danshi ~ Hajimete no, Aokan ~ 2  [JP] Volume 1 @ Koushuu Toilet Danshi ~ Hajimete no, Aokan ~ 1 [Eng]

[MATSUMOTO Inaki] Kyokan Hunter [Eng]


Title: Kyokan Hunter 巨漢ハンター 巨漢獵人 Chapter: 1 Author: MATSUMOTO Inaki Language: English From Nakama: A phantom thief has been creating an uproar, passing through every defense and stealing countless works of art! When he takes a liking to the “maidenhood” a guard sacrifices to him, he leaves without stealing the goods… The guard of a certain […]

[Asada Nemui] Ani No Chuukoku [kr]


Title: Ani No Chuukoku Admonition from an Elder Brother, Brother’s Warning Author: Asada Nemui Language: Korean Note: Contains HET scenes and violence. English scanlation @ [Asada Nemui] Ani No Chuukoku