[KASHIMA Chiaki] Hana to Usagi [Eng]


Title: Hana to Usagi Flower and Bunny Chapter: 1 Author: KASHIMA Chiaki Language: English 1-3) Hana to Usagi – Our delivery service’s regular customer, Aizawa-san in room 411, is always wearing a rabbit head… Why is he wearing something like that in the first place? Pervert? Everyday he sends or receives delivery but you can’t […]

[ZAKK] Canis – Dear Mr. Rain [Eng]


Title: Canis – Dear Mr. Rain Chapter: 1 Author: ZAKK Language: English V.1 – Dear Mr. Rain Kutsuna Satoru, a hat maker, picks up a man collapsed on the side of the road named Kashiba Ryou, who came to Japan to die.

[Gusari/ Sashikizu] Gunjou no shashin – Haikyuu!! dj [JP]

Gunjou no shashin - cover

Title: Gunjou no shashin | 群青の写真 Pairing: Iwaizumi Hajime x Oikawa Tooru Artist / Circle: Gusari/ Sashikizu Language: Japanese

[Harada] Henai (Hen-ai) update c.05 [kr]

[Harada] Henai (Hen-ai) [kr]

Title: Henai  変愛 Hen-ai Chapter: 1 Author: Harada Language: Korean Japanese scan: [Harada] Henai (Hen-ai) [JP]

Gay Movie: Latter Days (2003)

Aaron prays. Christian plays... Opposites attract.

Title: Latter Days / A Tentação de Aaron Initial release: July 10, 2003 Director: C. Jay Cox Language: English Subtitle: English Running time: 108 minutes MPAA Rating: R Aaron Davis (Steve Sandvoss) and Christian Markelli (Wes Ramsey) are the two most opposite people in the world. Aaron is a young Elder (or a Mormon missionary) who wants […]